Blood Clots and Oxford Astra Zeneca Covid19 Vaccine

Image #1: Oxford Astra-Zeneca Vaccine (Image from Wikimedia Commons)

I have not been blogging here lately for several reasons. Firstly I was busy with other things. Secondly I have lost faith in Medium since they rebranded. Why? is not something that I could go into detail right now. Thirdly to protect myself from online stalkers that seem to use my own online content to get me to do things I don’t wanna do. These stalkers need to be exposed eventually, something that needs to be working on additionally. However since I came across an important article on vaccination for Covid19 and…

A list of things the government could do.

A Bar Code

This post is based on a response I made to two questions, Nirmalan Dhas, the Managing Director of Synthetist Holdings Private Limited, raised on his Facebook page about a year back.

The two questions centered around the theme of corruption and crime; and were formulated to trigger responses from his audience as to what they would do to prosecute those accused of corruption and other crimes, with a view of eliminating corruption and crime in the country or at least minimizing them.

The two questions were:

Tell the government what you want to do to prosecute those accused of corruption…

Never ending (since 2009)

“Whirlpool”: one of the few digital designs that’s remaining from my old collection

Rocking the boat

And stirring the sea

It is perhaps the…

Only way to see

The wisdom, the warmth

And the strength of thee,

If the journey is long

And the wind is strong,

And if we haven’t got it

Even a bit too wrong,

All we need is

Some sails of glee,

Soon we will be sailing

To the mighty sea…

From January 2009

While still in med school trying to keep up with the rest

Route A32 from Jaffna to Poonaryn: from a family trip to Jaffna (first ever) in December 2015

Life’s Journey

Going on the journey of life

You meet many people,

Some just pass by

Some strike you for some reason,

May it be physical beauty or otherwise

Yet sometimes you just can’t get close enough

To those who catch your attention,

Though deep inside you crave for it

Sometimes you just don’t have the time

Coz’ life keeps moving on

Moving ahead in a unidirectional time axis

Those who cross your path ones

May cross it again,

Then again they may not.

Certain opportunities might just come once in a lifetime

But you have to keep moving…

Moving along in the unidirectional time axis

Not because you choose to

Simple because you don’t have a choice

First published on “Clothes Line”, Mirror Magazine, The Sunday Times on May 6th 2001

After quitting medics

An abstract digital design from what’s salvaged from my old collection of digital art


This was first published on Sunday Times Mirror Magazine in August 2004. That’s before they stopped publishing what I wrote. I guess that was when the first targeting may have happened!

It was written when I quit medicine without having a clue as to what to do with my life. I mean not knowing how to make a living.

After 17 years I know plenty of things to do with my life. In fact the 24 hours is hardly enough to get all the things I want to do, done.

As for the latter I no longer…

From 12 years ago

A doodle drawn trying to beat boredom at work perhaps

| F | L | O | O | D | S |

They come in many forms

More or less with much storms

Those that come with monsoons

May drain off themselves pretty soon

Yet those that are of your emotions

That rise above all the commotions

To flood thy soul in tears

When no one else even hears

No doubt are overwhelming

And may not drain off

By all the blaming…


A verse from my intern days

Stupa Ruwanweli: from a family trip to Anuradhapura in April 2016

Duties to perform

Exams to pass

Deadlines to meet

Emergencies to attend

Bills to pay

Birthdays to remember

Flowers to send…

Hasn’t there been at least once

We all have wished

How nice it’d be to have

A place to retreat

That we could get away from all this

And find peace

The temple of infinite peace

Where there is only peace

In its infinite form

Perhaps exists

Only in an imaginary plane of mind

Away from all matter/s

Supplementary Reading

This article The Lancet published titled, “Thrust from the society of many dear…

Sinhala Only Policy, Prabhakaran, Ealam War, Its Last Days & The Death Toll

My lockdown reading list — well a part of it


Daily Mirror hosted a Twitter space live stream on the evening of June 29th Tuesday, 2021, where Erik Solhiem was the guest speaker. It was already in its latter part when I joined. At the end of it there were questions from the listeners. I wanted to raise a question but my twitter mic was disabled and by the time I figured how to enable it and got it fixed the programme was over.


The question or rather a series of questions I wanted to raise were mostly in relation to the number of people died during the last days…

The place of MOOCs in life long learning

Image my own


After reviewing ‘Introduction to Genetics and Evolution’ for Mooc News And Reviews, that I posted earlier here, I did this second write up for them on their editor’s request, discussing the topic ‘to whom MOOCs could be beneficial for’.

Posting a slightly edited version of my original submission to Mooc News And Reviews (not the one they published after editing) here, as the one published online by them back in 2013 on Mooc News And Reviews blog site is no longer accessible. I thought it would fit in the ‘Personal’ section as it deals with life long learning and personal…

A review of ‘Introduction to Genetics and Evolution’ — a MOOC on Coursera

Image: cover of my facebook page titled ‘Evolution’


This is an unedited version of a write up I did for a site called Mooc News And Reviews back in 2013 after following an online course on Genetics and Evolution offered by Duke University in the US on Coursera MOOC platform.

Since the original site on which it was published is no longer accessible, I thought I would publish an unedited copy of the article here.

It illustrates some of the interests I pursued and reflects an important part of my personal journey. Years have passed and much has happened since then; in fact too much. …

Ruchira Kitsiri

Many Facets | One Life

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